Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Name Cause of Death

Sophie Shot in back through breast/back of head through eye with arrows

Trey Shot through chest with arrow, impaled through mouth with wooden stick

Brent Shot through hand with arrow, sliced into three

Preslow Knife thrown into neck

Walter Truck rammed off road by tow-truck, face hit with butt of shotgun, head shot with handgun

Three Toes Shot in chest with handgun, beheaded with knife

Willy Face sliced off by swinging scythe

Crawford Body coverd in barbed wire/dragged alongside road with tow-truck

Sheriff Carver Wooden stick dropped through mouth

Floyd Burned alive by molotov

Chavez Chest sliced/back hooked/arm sliced/stomach hooked/back impaled with hook/hung on tree, top of head rippied open with axe

Three Fingers Knifed in leg, chest shot with handgun, shoulder knifed, impaled through back with wooden stick, chest shot with shotgun, impaled in throat through head with hook, blown up on truck

Nate Shot through back with arrow

Brandon Stabbed with sharp weapon 

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