PAANI 2012 Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

Producer Shekhar Kapur
Director Shekhar Kapur
Music A R Rahman
Release Date 24-Nov-2012


Hrithik Roshan

Movie Report

About Movie: The film is a forbidden love story with water shortage in Mumbai as the focus of the story.

The beautiful young daughter of the chairman of the world's largest water corporation arrives in the Upper City of plentiful. On a chance encounter in the impoverished Lower City, she is kidnapped by the young handsome water warrior."It is the story of young love caught in the flurry of conflict and war between two cities, one that is rich and waterful and the other that is poor and waterless, where the water rats are forced to steal that precious liquid".

Kapoor believes that water could well become a weapon in the future with corporates taking over its distribution. "This is what I hope my work will draw attention to, provoke a debate and hopefully help find a solution to this grave problem"

Based on a book by Maude Barlow and scripted by David Farr, Paani will tell a dark story about the looming water crisis.

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